Dr. Cliffs Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E
1 Gallon Jug FDA Registered


70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer In One Gallon Jug
FDA REGISTERED – NDC# 74257-204-01

• FDA NDC# 74257-204-01

• Product Code: HS1GL-FDAR
• UPC Code: 709180990346
• Shelf Life: 2 Years
• Storage: Dry Place

• Case Weight: 33.6 lbs
• Case Contains: 4 (gallons) Units
• Case Dimensions: 24″x24″x36″
• Pallet # Of Cases: 50 Cases
• Pallet Weight: 1,590 lbs.
• FOB: Miami, FL

FDA Registered NDC 74257-204-01, Made In USA, ECO Friendly Dr Cliffs Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Cliff’s 1 Gallon Jug FDA Registered Hand Sanitizer features the following:

Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Purified Water USP, Carbomer, Fragrance, Vitamin E Acetate

Directions For Use: Squeeze into palm – briskly rub hands together until dry.Puri

• 99.9% Antibacterial
• 70% Alcohol Content

• Contains Skin Softening Ingredients
• Rinse Free
• For Use Without Water


• FDA Registered
• Made In The USA

• Non-toxic
• No Sticky Residue
• Recommended For Repeated Use
• Private Labeling Available

FDA Registered
We are very proud to announce that Dr. Cliff’s HS1GL-FDAR is made in FDA-inspected and approved facilities. Our one gallon -FDAR Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E has gone through rigorous testing to be registered with FDA. Look for our NDC# 74257-204-01.

Made in the USA
From start to finish, all Dr. Cliff’s Hand Sanitizer products are formulated and manufactured in the USA.

99.9% Bacteria Kill Rate
The antibacterial properties of our 70% Alcohol Content will kill 99.9% of bacteria that can cause illness. The jug with pump applicator is suitable for restaurants, schools, retail stores, nursing homes, churches and temples, and more. Visitors will feel safer knowing their hands can be sanitized any time during their visit.

One Gallon Jug (HS1GL-FDAR) Available With or Without Pump
Well suited to a variety of applications, Dr. Cliff’s is available in a number of sizes. The 1 gallon jug contains 70% Alcohol by volume. Intended for busy, high traffic areas, the gallon size is perfect to let your customers, members, or congregations sanitize their hands and enjoy a germ-free experience.

Dr. Cliff’s one gallon size of FDA Registered Hand Sanitizer (HS1GL-FDAR) is also available without the pump making it the best choice to refill smaller sizes.

A One Gallon Jug of our Standard Formulation with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E (HS1GL-S) is also Available With or Without Pump

Special Formulation
Dr. Cliff’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E feels smooth and gentle on your hands. The Vitamin E  moisturizes your skin as the alcohol kills germs. We recommend the product for repeated use so your customers can stay feeling safe without drying out their hands.

Rinse-Free & Non-Toxic
Every bottle is formulated to be rinse free, so Dr. Cliff’s Hand Sanitizer can be used without water. Your hands will feel clean and free of that sticky residue other sanitizers can leave behind. And because it is non-toxic it is a great choice for education, healthcare, places of worship, foodservice, retail locations … schools, churches, temples, doctor’s offices, hospitals and nursing homes. Anywhere people come together.

Private Labeling Available
With private labeling, we can print your logo, message, and contact information on the label. This allows you to brand your business as one that cares enough to prioritize the health and safety of your customers.

Place a jug of Dr Cliff’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E on the counter or at the entry to the store to let people know you care. Allow customers to sanitize their hands before shopping. Let your patients, clients, and students know you put their best interest first.

Where To Buy
To purchase Dr Cliff’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer products, just ask Dr. Cliff. Call us at 833 DRCLIFF (833-372-5433), email us at drcliff@drcliffs.com, visit our secure Contact Page, or visit one of our distributors below:

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