About Dr. Cliff’s Products

The Quality Goes In Before The Label Goes On

All ingredients in Dr. Cliff’s Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E , and in Dr. Cliff’s Hand Sanitizer Gel with Vitamin E are sourced in the USA as typically used in cosmetic and medical applications. In addition, our 1 Gallon size Hand Sanitizer HS1GL-FDAR is registered with the FDA.

Beware of products with extensive lists of chemical ingredients or those that are mostly alcohol and/or peroxide based without additional ingredients. These products are less expensive and will dry skin out after minimal usage.

Specifically – a product that contains skin softeners is essential for the K-12 market. 
Dr. Cliff’s Hand Sanitizer Gel is recommended for repeated use – all day long without containing any artificial colors, or fragrances.

Dr. Cliff’s Premium Supplements are completely natural, safe and pure… and more effective. We only utilize naturally occurring ingredients found in nature!

Every supplement is DOCTOR FORMULATED…we leave nothing to chance… We know what works best and healthiest inside of you!

Dr. Cliff’s utilizes the most innovative cutting edge technology to create and prepare our supplements to make certain you receive the full benefit of all the natural ingredients in every bottle!

No artificial substitutes are ever used assuring you the highest quality always!
Dr. Cliff’s Nutritional Supplements are fast acting… allergen free… vegan friendly… gluten, wheat and dairy free… and actually work!

Dr. Cliff’s are always the best value… we will not take you for granted… purchase our products once and you will know immediately that you have found the best… we want you back and know we earn your trust with our quality!